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Plans to Convert Former Tempest Arms Pub into Nursery Approved

Plans to Convert Former Tempest Arms Pub into Nursery Approved

A plan to repurpose the disused Tempest Arms pub into a children’s nursery has received approval from Bolton Council.

Located on Chorley Old Road in Doffcocker, the former pub will be transformed to accommodate over 70 children, following a proposal submitted to the council earlier this year.

Authorities have sanctioned the project, contingent upon certain conditions being met, paving the way for the commencement of conversion works.

According to a council report, the initiative entails converting the previous pub into a nursery, with the former beer garden being transformed into a play area. The proximity of the pub to residential areas was considered, but the council concluded that the nursery would not significantly impact the neighbours in terms of noise or disruption.

The report further anticipates a modest increase in traffic during morning and evening peak times as children are dropped off and picked up. Nevertheless, it was assessed that the additional traffic would not adversely affect the local area, given the current traffic levels on that stretch of Chorley Old Road.

The Tempest Arms has been vacant since 2022 following its closure due to the economic impacts of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, which dramatically reduced its viability.

This approval marks a significant step forward for the project, which had been one of two proposals aiming to convert the building into a nursery. The approved plan includes provisions for 15 full-time staff members to care for up to 74 children.

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