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Blackburn Nursery Achieves ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating Following ‘Remarkable’ Turnaround

Blackburn Nursery Achieves ‘Good’ Ofsted Rating Following ‘Remarkable’ Turnaround

Little Wonders Nursery, located at the Audley Centre on Chester Street in Blackburn, has received high praise from Ofsted inspectors for its significant improvements in quality and standards.

In its first inspection in October, the nursery received the lowest possible rating of “inadequate” from the education watchdog. However, a follow-up inspection in March witnessed a dramatic improvement, earning it a ‘good’ rating.

The nursery, operated independently by Little Wonders Nursery Ltd, serves 30 children aged two to four. The management expressed their joy over the new rating, attributing it to the commitment of the staff and the strong support from parents. Little Wonders employs four members of childcare staff, all holding early years qualifications at level 3 or higher.

The March inspection report highlighted the efforts of the nursery manager and deputy manager, who are heavily involved in the nursery’s daily operations. This hands-on approach has facilitated effective reflection on practices and led to necessary enhancements.

Significant progress has been noted in the staff’s ability to deliver the curriculum effectively. They have become adept at using observations and assessments of children, along with the children’s interests, to plan engaging activities that extend the children’s existing knowledge and skills.

The nursery has also adapted its curriculum to help children who struggle with sharing, taking turns, and forming friendships, incorporating targeted small-group activities to bolster communication and social skills.

The interventions have proven effective in closing developmental gaps among the children, particularly benefiting those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The nursery ensures these children receive their full entitlement to early years funding, further supporting their progress.

Parents have formed strong partnerships with the nursery, often describing the setting as a ‘family’ and commending the supportiveness of the staff.

While the report praised the nursery for providing ample training and support for staff, it noted that the monitoring of staff practice could be more robust to help elevate all areas of educational practice consistently.

Children at the nursery enjoy a variety of activities that promote literacy development, such as story-telling sessions where they predict story outcomes, and outdoor play that includes mark-making and writing exercises.

A spokesperson for the nursery stated, “The team have diligently addressed the concerns raised in the initial Ofsted inspection. It’s gratifying to see their hard work acknowledged. The improved rating is a testament to the dedication of our staff, the support from our parents, and the enthusiasm of our pupils, all contributing to making Little Wonders Nursery a fantastic place for learning and growth.”

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