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Glasgow Nursery Receives Rare ‘Excellent’ Grade from Inspectors

St Clare’s Day Nursery in Easterhouse, Glasgow, has been awarded a rare “excellent” grade by the Care Inspectorate, following an unannounced inspection.

The inspectors praised the nursery’s warm, caring, and nurturing staff who demonstrated a deep understanding of the children’s needs. The nursery’s strong vision, values, and excellent parental engagement were also highlighted as key strengths. The nursery received one ‘excellent’ and three ‘very good’ ratings in the assessed areas of care, play and learning, setting, leadership, and staff team. Headteacher Theresa Graham expressed delight at the report, emphasising the importance of warm interactions and community involvement in the nursery’s success.

In a delightful turn of events for Glasgow’s Easterhouse community, St Clare’s Day Nursery has achieved an accolade that many institutions strive for but few attain: an “excellent” grade from the Care Inspectorate. This commendation comes after an unannounced inspection, which revealed the nursery’s exceptional standards in various key areas. St Clare’s was lauded for its warm, caring, and nurturing environment, where staff displayed a profound understanding of the children’s needs. The inspectors also noted the meaningful relationships cultivated among staff, families, and children, and the strong vision and values upheld by the nursery. The institution received three ‘very good’ ratings alongside its ‘excellent’ grade, underscoring its consistent high performance across multiple domains.

The Inspection Highlights

The Care Inspectorate’s report was brimming with praise for St Clare’s Day Nursery. Key strengths identified included the availability of a wide range of stimulating resources, a well-furnished homely environment, and outstanding parental engagement. These elements collectively foster a supportive and enriching setting for children.

Headteacher Theresa Graham expressed immense satisfaction with the results, attributing the success to the nursery’s core philosophy of nurturing and caring interactions. “Warm, caring, nurturing interactions with children and families are at the heart of what we do,” she stated. One parent even remarked that they felt “part of a family” at St Clare’s, highlighting the deep sense of community and belonging fostered by the nursery.

The nursery’s commitment to outdoor learning has also been a significant factor in its success. By working closely with parents and the local community, St Clare’s has created a fantastic outdoor learning area that offers a myriad of experiences for children. Parents have been actively involved, sharing their skills in music and cooking, thus enriching the children’s play and learning opportunities.

Community and Parental Engagement

The positive impact of these efforts on children’s wellbeing was particularly noted by the inspectors. Theresa Graham highlighted the importance of high-quality parental engagement and partnerships in achieving these outcomes. “We’re delighted the inspectors recognised that high-quality parental engagement and partnerships were having an excellent impact on children’s wellbeing,” she remarked.

Councillor Christina Cannon, Glasgow City Council’s convener for education and early years, echoed these sentiments, praising the nursery’s commitment to nurturing independence and free play. “What a wonderful endorsement for the fabulous work that is being delivered by nursery staff. It is just a joy to read how respected the nursery is within their community and what an excellent job they are doing to help the wee ones on their learning journey,” she said.

The Care Inspectorate’s report not only validates the high-quality practice at St Clare’s Day Nursery but also shines a light on the extraordinary efforts of the staff, parents, and community. Their collective dedication has created an environment where children thrive, develop confidence, and enjoy their early learning experiences. The recognition of St Clare’s with such a prestigious grade underscores the exceptional standards maintained by the nursery and sets a benchmark for others in the field.

As St Clare’s Day Nursery celebrates this achievement, it stands as a testament to the power of community involvement, dedicated staff, and a nurturing environment in shaping the educational experiences of young children. This recognition serves as an inspiration and a model for other nurseries aiming for excellence in early childhood education.

Featured Quote

“What a wonderful endorsement for the fabulous work that is being delivered by nursery staff. It is just a joy to read how respected the nursery is within their community and what an excellent job they are doing to help the wee ones on their learning journey.”

– Councillor Christina Cannon

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