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Apricot Nursery Celebrates Makaton Awareness Status

What Does It Mean for Apricot Nursery to Achieve Makaton Awareness Status?

Apricot Nursery proudly announces its recognition as a Makaton aware nursery, a significant milestone that enhances communication for all children. Makaton, a unique language programme integrating symbols, signs, and speech, supports essential communication skills. Senior Nursery Manager Deborah Cobb highlights the team’s dedication to using Makaton to improve children’s communication abilities. This achievement reflects Apricot Nursery’s commitment to inclusivity and the Makaton Charity’s vision.

In an age where effective communication is paramount, Apricot Nursery has reached a remarkable milestone by becoming a Makaton aware nursery. But what does this mean for the children, parents, and staff? And why is Makaton awareness such an essential step for any early years setting?

Understanding Makaton

Makaton is not just a language programme; it’s a lifeline for those who struggle with traditional communication methods. By combining symbols, signs, and speech, Makaton helps individuals, particularly young children and those with speech, language, and learning difficulties, to express themselves and understand others.

The Journey to Makaton Awareness

Senior Nursery Manager Deborah Cobb shares, “Our nursery team has embraced learning Makaton, supporting the children’s communication by using key signs and symbols through ‘sign and sing.’” This approach ensures that even the youngest or those with communication challenges feel seen, heard, and understood.

The Impact on Children

At Apricot Nursery, becoming Makaton aware means more than just implementing a new programme. It’s about fostering an environment where every child can thrive. By using Makaton, the nursery helps children develop attention, listening, comprehension, memory, recall, and language organisation skills. These foundational skills are crucial for their overall development and future success.

Commitment to Inclusivity

Makaton awareness is an innovative initiative that breaks down communication barriers, ensuring everyone feels valued. By adopting Makaton, Apricot Nursery aligns itself with the broader vision of the Makaton Charity, promoting inclusivity and meaningful connections among children.

Practical Application

Deborah Cobb explains, “Essentially, you sign as you speak, enabling the learner to understand you more clearly by matching a sign to a word.” This practical application is especially beneficial for very young children and those with specific communication needs. It allows them to connect words with actions, making learning more intuitive and engaging.

The Vision Forward

With this new status, Apricot Nursery aims to continue its mission of empowering children and fostering a nurturing, inclusive environment. The nursery’s dedication to Makaton signifies a broader commitment to breaking down barriers and ensuring every child has the tools they need to succeed.

Apricot Nursery’s achievement of Makaton aware status is a testament to its commitment to inclusivity and effective communication. By integrating Makaton into their daily practices, the nursery not only enhances the learning experience for children but also sets a standard for other early years settings to follow. This recognition is a proud moment for the nursery, reflecting its dedication to fostering an environment where every child can thrive.

“Our nursery team has embraced learning Makaton, supporting the children’s communication by using key signs and symbols through ‘sign and sing.'”

– Deborah Cobb, Senior Nursery Manager

Discover the transformative power of Makaton at Apricot Nursery. Enrol your child today and be part of a community that values effective communication and inclusivity.