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A New Dawn for Early Education: Sunny Skies Academy Opens in Doncaster

Is Doncaster ready for a revolution in early childhood education?

Sunny Skies Academy, a cutting-edge nursery, has opened its doors on Balby Business Campus in Doncaster. This new nursery aims to redefine inclusivity and educational excellence, providing a nurturing environment for children from diverse backgrounds. With a philosophy rooted in inclusivity and a leadership team with decades of experience, Sunny Skies Academy promises to offer a high-quality, child-centred curriculum. The grand opening celebration on 6th July invites the community to explore the state-of-the-art facilities and meet the dedicated team.

Have you ever wondered what the future of early childhood education looks like? Well, wonder no more. Sunny Skies Academy in Doncaster is here to set a new benchmark in the field. Located on the Balby Business Campus, this nursery is not just another childcare facility; it’s a beacon of inclusivity and excellence. Imagine a place where every child, regardless of their background or abilities, is welcomed and valued. A place where experienced educators are committed to fostering curiosity and a love for learning in a safe, nurturing environment. This is Sunny Skies Academy.

Inclusivity for All

At Sunny Skies Academy, inclusivity is not just a buzzword; it’s a core value. Every program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring that all children, regardless of their abilities, cultures, or backgrounds, feel welcomed and valued. This approach is designed to create a sense of community and belonging, celebrating diversity and helping each child reach their full potential.

Experienced Leadership Team

The leadership team at Sunny Skies Academy is nothing short of exceptional. Manager Daniela Holler, a seasoned educator with a proven track record of excellence in managing Ofsted outstanding rated nurseries, leads the team. Alongside her is Deputy Manager Dympna Hallam, who brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to creating an innovative, child-centred curriculum. Their combined expertise ensures that the nursery is guided by the latest educational strategies and best practices.

The practitioners at Sunny Skies Academy are the backbone of the institution. Each practitioner is carefully selected for their expertise, dedication, and passion for early childhood education. They undergo rigorous training and continuous professional development, ensuring they are always equipped with the latest educational strategies. This dedication to excellence guarantees that every child at Sunny Skies Academy receives the highest quality care and education.

About Sunny Skies Academy

Sunny Skies Academy aims to be more than just a nursery. It is designed to be a community hub where children can grow, learn, and flourish in a safe and nurturing environment. The facilities include three bright and spacious classrooms, each with its own well-equipped outdoor play area. These spaces are filled with a variety of learning resources designed to stimulate young minds. The nursery offers a range of programs tailored to the developmental stages of children from birth to pre-school, including special facilities for neurodiverse children. With a focus on holistic development and school readiness, Sunny Skies Academy accepts all funding entitlements and accommodates various attendance patterns.

Manager Daniela Holler expresses her pride in the provision they have created: “I am very proud of the provision we have created and cannot wait to share this with our community. Working in early education for 20 years underpinned the design process and enabled me to produce an environment that is beautiful but more importantly functional and enables the setting to run efficiently.”

Grand Opening Celebration

The grand opening celebration of Sunny Skies Academy is scheduled for Saturday, 6th July, from 10 am to 2 pm. The community is invited to tour the facility, meet the team, and participate in fun activities for children. This event is a perfect opportunity to discover why Sunny Skies Academy could be the ideal place for your child to begin their educational journey.

Sunny Skies Academy is set to revolutionise early childhood education in Doncaster. With a focus on inclusivity and educational excellence, the nursery promises to provide a nurturing environment for children from all backgrounds. The experienced leadership team and dedicated practitioners ensure that every child receives the highest quality of care and education. The grand opening celebration on 6th July is an excellent opportunity for the community to explore the state-of-the-art facilities and meet the team. Sunny Skies Academy is more than just a nursery; it is a community hub where children can grow, learn, and flourish.

“I am very proud of the provision we have created and cannot wait to share this with our community.”

– Daniela Holler, Manager

Join them for the grand opening celebration on 6th July from 10 am to 2 pm at Balby Business Campus. Explore the facilities, meet the team, and see why Sunny Skies Academy is the perfect place for your child’s early education journey.

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