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A Family Adventure: Parents Brave 2am Start to Get to Glastonbury with a Toddler

Is taking a toddler to Glastonbury worth the effort?

Parents face criticism and admiration after sharing their early morning trek to Glastonbury Festival with their toddler.

Olivia Hammond, a popular mumfluencer, recently gave her followers an inside look at what it’s like to attend Glastonbury Festival with a toddler and a baby on the way. Despite facing numerous challenges, Olivia and her family found the experience rewarding once they settled into the family camping area. With Glastonbury boasting family-friendly facilities, the festival can offer an unforgettable experience for both parents and their little ones.

Olivia Hammond, along with her partner Martin and their young son Beau, embarked on a challenging journey to Glastonbury Festival. Their adventure began at 2:15 am to secure a prime spot in the family camping area. Despite initial hardships, including long queues and inadequate facilities, the family eventually found their efforts worthwhile. Olivia’s journey sparked mixed reactions, with some praising their determination while others criticised the decision to bring a toddler to a festival. Glastonbury, known for its family-oriented amenities, ultimately provided a safe and enjoyable environment for the young family.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to attend one of the UK’s largest music festivals with a toddler in tow? For Olivia Hammond, her partner Martin, and their little boy Beau, the journey began at the crack of dawn. Olivia, a well-known mumfluencer, has been sharing her family’s experiences on social media, offering a candid look into the highs and lows of festival life with a toddler and another baby on the way.

The Hammonds started their day at 2:15 am, gently moving Beau from his cosy bed into the car, where he continued to sleep. Arriving at Glastonbury’s gates by 4:45 am, they joined a long queue of eager festival-goers, all vying for the best camping spots. Despite being heavily pregnant and carrying a large bag, Olivia remained determined to make this a memorable adventure for her family.

The Early Morning Struggle

For Olivia and her family, the day started long before the sun came up. At 2:15 am, they gently moved their toddler, Beau, from his warm bed into the car, ensuring he stayed asleep during the transition. The goal? To arrive at Glastonbury’s gates by 4:45 am, giving them a chance to secure a coveted spot in the family camping area.

Arriving early was essential, as Olivia explained in one of her Instagram Reels. The gates officially open at 8 am, but festival-goers start queuing much earlier to get the best spots. By 4:45 am, the Hammonds were in line, ready for what would be a long wait.

The Queueing Marathon

Queueing at Glastonbury is not for the faint-hearted. Olivia, Martin, and Beau faced hours of waiting before they could even think about entering the festival grounds. With sandwiches, snacks, and Peppa Pig to keep Beau entertained, they managed to make the best of a challenging situation.

“The queues started moving around 8:30 am,” Olivia recounted, “but every time we thought we were getting closer, another queue would appear.” The waiting was further complicated by the state of the portable toilets along the route, which were already in less than ideal condition.

For a pregnant woman carrying a heavy bag, this was no easy feat. Yet, Olivia’s determination shone through. After five grueling hours, they finally received their tickets and wristbands at 10 am, marking the end of the queueing ordeal.

Setting Up Camp

With tickets in hand, the Hammonds wasted no time setting up their tent in the family camping area. By 11 am, they were settled and ready to enjoy the festival. Despite the early start and long wait, the sense of accomplishment and the promise of a great festival experience made it all worthwhile.

Mixed Reactions

Olivia’s posts about their journey sparked a range of reactions. Many parents admired her perseverance and praised the family for creating unforgettable memories. However, not everyone was supportive. Some questioned the wisdom of bringing a toddler to a festival, expressing concerns about the environment and potential risks.

“This looks like hell on earth,” one commenter quipped, while another questioned, “Why put a toddler through this?” Critics argued that the experience might be more enjoyable at a child-specific destination like Peppa Pig World.

Defending the Decision

Supporters of Olivia’s choice were quick to defend her. Many highlighted that Glastonbury is designed to be family-friendly, with dedicated areas for children and families. One commenter pointed out, “You clearly have never been to Glastonbury if you think it’s not the place for children. It’s a family festival with people of all ages.”

Another mum shared her own positive experiences, recounting how her youngest child had loved the festival since attending at the age of four. “We could have spent the weekend at home, but we chose to live a little instead,” she noted.

Family-Friendly Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival has long been recognised for its family-friendly approach. With two designated family camping areas, the festival ensures a quieter, more suitable environment for those with young children. Kid zones offer a range of activities, entertainment, and shows, ensuring that children are as entertained as the adults.

Moreover, children under the age of 12 can attend the festival for free, making it an attractive option for families. For Olivia, Martin, and Beau, these amenities helped make their experience enjoyable and memorable.

A Worthwhile Experience

Despite the challenges, Olivia’s continued posts showed Beau having the time of his life at the festival. From exploring the kid zones to enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, it was clear that the effort had paid off.


Olivia Hammond’s journey to Glastonbury with her family highlights the determination and resilience required to make the most of a festival with young children. Despite early morning starts, long queues, and mixed reactions from the public, the experience proved rewarding. Glastonbury’s family-friendly facilities ensured a safe and enjoyable environment for families, making it a worthwhile adventure.

“You clearly have never been to Glastonbury if you think it’s not the place for children. It’s a family festival with people of all ages.”

– Instagram Commenter

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